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Social learning network available on Google Play


 Do you know Brainly? First time we wrote about them when its Philippine version,, has been launched: Since that time, the number of users who visit the whole network increased to 40 million monthly and the Philippines became one of the most important, promising, and fastest growing markets. Now they have just released the mobile app for Android users on Google Play. How does Brainly work? Its aim is to connect students, who want to share knowledge with those, who have problems with some subjects or get stuck with their homework. Every student eventually becomes stuck on […]


Honor 6 device User Manual Quick Guide PDF file


 In case you already have your Honor 6 and you are about to get yourself ready and familiarize with this 5-inch Android smartphone from Huawei brand, you can Download Honor 6 User Manual Quick Guide so you can manage your phone in the easiest and simplest ways possible. Honor 6 is unbelievably a great smartphone that was launched in December 2014 and is gaining smartphone user’s favorite device. We love to play and tinker with our device and what will happen if you’ve get stuck with a problem and you don’t have a manual guide to start from. Take for example […]

LEAKED OPPO PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. OPPO's latest smartphone features edge-to-edge display.

Leaked photos and video show OPPO’s latest model with edgeless display, is it worth the wait?


 Known for their cutting-edge designs in global smart phone market, OPPO recently previewed their latest unit with a unique edgeless display. Coming after the 4.85-mm thin R5 and the N3 with swivel camera. Over a week ago, several leaked photos and video showing the latest unit in its captivating glory. Somehow, in-depth information about the phone remains mystery (including price and availability). Still, it is clear in the leaked video that the brand new unit comes with an edge-to-edge display. While the images could be fakes, the video (watch here proves that the smartphone is a legitimate prototype, at the […]

MAXENE SMILES WITH LG. Young actress Maxene Magalona loves her LG G Pro 2.

Young actress Maxene Magalona loves her LG G Pro 2


 Flaunting that evening during the LG G2 series launch at 71 Gramercy, Maxene Magalona was in tip-top shape and good mood when she met the press last April 7. (RELATED: 71 Gramercy in Makati – A leap to premium nightlife with skyline that is breath-taking) Soaring high in satisfaction, the beautiful young actress couldn’t help but tinker on her new LG G Pro 2, a 5.9-inch Full HD IPS phablet that is about 1920 x 1080 pixels, good for taking photos and watching her favorite teleseryes. Maxene, 27,  together with Andre Paras, shared their user-experience with their LG mobile phones in […]

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?


 It’s back to work tomorrow and everyone’s coming back from their out-of-town trips. Some are going back with their usual routines and prepare for another year-round of daily activities. Yet there is one activity that even those who are on vacation or simply at home wasn’t able to keep their hands-off for the longest time. We are talking about the social media. We bet that even your snorkeling time, you did not forget to tweet and update or when you were on the bus or catching a plane ride, you can’t help yourself to take pictures of the ride on […]

HTC Butterfly flaunts with a sexy smooth curved back and 4 basic features.

HTC Butterfly flaunts with a sexy smooth curved back and 4 basic features


 HTC Butterfly is a Qualcomm Snapdragon technology with a 5 inch full screen, phablet (phone-tablet). Richard Javier, HTC Philippines Country Manager opens the floor acknowledging media for the support they have given for the past years, adding that “competitions are getting scared of this (HTC Butterfly) product,” says Javier. HTC Trade Marketing Officer Nicole Chiu, presented the performance powerhouse of HTC Butterfly during the much-awaited launch. Chiu loudly introduced the 4 basic features of the new phablet, such as Amazing Camera and Sound; High Performance; Stunning View; and Premium Design. Amazing Camera and Sound HTC Butterfly has an 8mp camera […]

CloudFone Thrill 430X unbiased unboxing drain-the-battery challenge.

CloudFone Thrill 430X unbiased unboxing drain-the-battery challenge


 Recently, we acquired a new set of mobile device and what’s good about it, we didn’t purchase it because we won it from a tweet-live challenge during the launching of the product. It’s been a week now since we get a hold of the device and the new CloudFone Thrill 430X mobile promises to revolutionize usage mileage compared to existing mobile brands through its 4160mAh Polymer battery that will last up to 3 days of greatest use. Based on consumers reaction and reviews that we read online, it’s the 3 day battery life that gets most of the raves of […]