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Truth be told! Batman and Superman are actually half-brothers!


 While everyone (except critics, of course) are still enjoying bathing on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice monumental and much-awaited superhero film, there is one surprising truth that every fanboy and fangirl should acknowledge, whether you believe it or not. In the movie (insert spoiler), Batman and Superman tossed on a fistfight with a great deal of smashing and knocking out concrete walls. With a devastating mech suit, Batman almost killed Superman until the Man of Steel mentioned the name ‘Martha’. Batman, who is about to pierce a spear powered with Kryptonite into Superman’s chest, hold back and Lois Lane had to tell him that […]

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. The truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


 We don’t know if it’s part of April Fools Day, but the Malaysia Airlines authorities corrected the last spoken words that either of the pilot or co-pilot announced. “Good night Malaysian three-seven-zero” were the last words heard from the cockpit and not “All right, good night” as previously Malaysian authorities declared, Malaysia‘s civil aviation department said late Monday, March 31. The admission just added doubts and criticism from  Malaysian authorities’ handling of the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight which vanished on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Are they hiding something from us? That remains another mystery […]