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Globe PRISM Expo, empowering Filipino with world-class learning through technology


 Back in February 2017, we got our first dibs on Globe Telecom’s PRISM, an interactive showcase of digital projects to help Filipino educators from private high schools, particularly those teaching the new Media and Information Literacy (MIL) subject in Senior High School, as well as English and Social Studies at both K-12 and higher education levels, to become proficient in technology-enabled instruction and content development. The program is a three-week professional development program conducted by Globe Telecom.  It involves a two-day immersive boot-camp, blended project-based learning, and personalized coaching for a total of 1,000 educators all over the country. Last June 2, […]

Tatt Awards 2013.

5 tips to be a responsible blogger


 Every now and then, we kept hearing stories of issues of bloggers who uses the social media irresponsibly and who couldn’t care less if what they are doing are unethical (e.g. gate-crashing into events, deliberately representing themselves as part of another media entity, by-passing PR outfit to get straight to the client, etc.) . Some are blown up into controversies and spawned discrimination among the local blogosphere. While it is true that some bloggers need lessons on Blogging 101, the rest are more responsible to keep up the respect among colleagues, traditional media practitioners, clients, and their followers. Here are 5 tips to be a responsible […]