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GOTHAM ON WARNERTV. Gotham, a DC origins, premiers on September 25 on WarnerTV, 9 PM, Philippines.

Don’t miss the Philippine premiere of GOTHAM on WarnerTV this Thursday 9PM


 Gotham is at war and everyone knows who will save them. But what if Gotham hasn’t have yet the Dark Knight, the Cape Crusader? Who will stand against the villains and the corruption that secretly ruled Gotham City? Gotham, a DC origins, premieres on Philippine TV via WarnerTV this Thursday. September 25, 9 PM. Catch the premiere episode and see the beginning and the order of┬áchaos that bound in this dark city. And only one man can save the city from its downfall. Nope, it’s not Bruce nor… Okay, here’s a major spoiler. Batman. Don’t. Push. It. Then who’s going […]