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The denture biting onto a corn cob inflatable by GSK Polident (James T. Austria)

Have you seen the ‘giant corn cob’ along Roxas Boulevard, lately?


 Sharing their awareness campaign about the problems faced by Filipino denture wearers in their everyday life, GSK Polident installs their ‘bigger-than-life’ inflatable depicting a denture biting onto a corn cob. Their first installation happened on May 14, 2015 at the Palacio de Manila along Roxas Boulevard. This first-of-its-kind installation is in their aim to expose the everyday scenario experienced by people who wear dentures. In the media briefing, GSK Polident product manager, Isa Marfori said that Filipino are ‘matiisin.’ She added, “Many Filipinos suffer from the pain of using dentures because we are used to being complacent and the ‘pwede […]