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Ensure your family’s health and safety with the proper way of cleaning your toilets and win two (2) months worth of Domex gift packs


 Domex leads disease prevention with a hospital toilet clean up on World Toilet Day to help ensure that patients who may have suffered from waterborne diseases won’t suffer any more in the hospitals. In commemoration of World Toilet Day, we are encouraging you to do your part and take a pledge to save lives by supporting 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement and World Toilet Day, and pledge to properly clean your toilets, to protect your family from disease caused by unsanitary toilets. By joining this promo and using the hashtags #WorldToiletDay2015 and #1MCleanToilets, you are helping in spreading the awareness of disease prevention at home by […]

1 MILLION CLEAN TOILETS CAMPAIGN. 6 helpful tips to properly clean the toilet.

6 helpful tips to properly clean the toilet


 “We want to grow and progress with the consumers by addressing social, environmental and economic issues such as poverty, lack of clean water and sanitation, and people living under 1-2 dollars a day. That’s basically the heart of 1 Million Clean Toilets campaign,” said Chito Macapagal, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Unilever Philippines during the Bulong Pulungan discussion at Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City. There are 3 areas that the company is working on for the growth and progress of their consumers. 1. Health and well-being. 2. Focus on the environment. 3. Sustainable source or livelihood. The 1 Million Clean […]