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ENEMY 2014. Enemy is psychosexual and was inspired by 2002 novel The Double by Jose Saramago and was brought to film directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Enemy 2014 review that is all about a mind-boggling experimental trippy movie


 As soon as the last scene unfolds, the theater audience were like “What the fuck happened?” It’s like diving to Filipino lingo “Anyare?” as Jake Gyllenhaal‘s doppelgänger character eased a sigh before the end credit of Enemy appears. This event happened on a SONA 2014 day.To our mind, everyone who came out of the movie house were either dumb-founded, crazy laughing, confused, disappointed, satisfied, to somehow disturbed of what we’ve seen for a couple of hours. Thanks to Solar Pictures Philippines, we’ve finally saw this 2013 Toronto International Film Festival movie on it’s Philippine premiere. Enemy also bagged Best Director, Best Actress, […]