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​Model, endorser, and athlete Daniel Matsunaga enthuses about Moshi, his go-to brand for that stylish bag that complements his well-polished look. As a modern, style-conscious and cosmopolitan man, the Brazilian-Japanese is the ideal Power Mac Center brand ambassador for Moshi, whose array of accessories effortlessly fit the profile.

Moshi, US accessories brand, premieres in Philippine Fashion Week


 Back then, fashion was mostly about women and their dressing styles. But gone are the days when fashion was ambiguous for male population. Now men have their own way of styling—something modern. They are starting to change the perception that female dominates the fashion industry, inspired by key influencers. From persistent boring to being suave shows how men are now adapting and moving fashion-forward, even here in the Philippines. Fashion designer Anthony Nocom expressed, “Men’s attitude towards fashion is changing. They are trying to find out who they are and create their own style. There’s a greater sense of individualism.” […]

Dockers Signature Khaki highlights a fashion style that will make you feel good.

Dockers’ signature On-The-Go features fashion with a function


 With great fashion comes great productivity. Famous quotation “you are what you eat” is the somehow the same as what you wear says something about you and your body of work. Being presentable in your workplace doesn’t only make you look decent and smart but also boosts your confident your capability. Feeling good is way better than just looking good. To look aesthetically presentable is one thing, but to feel better about the way you carry yourself is totally another. A true, classy fashion sense transcends from the outside to the more essential components inside. Wearing simple yet smart-looking Dockers […]