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CHALLENGE CAMSUR. CAMSUR Governor Luis Miguel Villafuerte during the media launch of Challenge CAMSUR in Manila Peninsula Hiotel.

Challenge CAMSUR will have the fastest triathlon course in the Philippines


 Designed and developed to be the fastest course in the Philippines and one of the fastest in Asia, Challenge CAMSUR will prove it on June 14, 2015 when the signal to start begins, CAMSUR or Camarines Sur has been awarded the No. 1 tourist destination in 2010  and the only province with the best experience and proven 
 track record in hosting the best and biggest ‘World 
 class sporting events’. It all began when CAMSUR hosted Ironman for 3 consecutive 
 years, hosted the biggest marathon in the country with over 18K participants and accredited race with IAAF-AIMS. It is also the […]