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Mr. Pizza store opens in the Philippines


 Mr. Pizza officially opens at Greenbelt in Makati last week and they’re already creating a huge following. Surprisingly, their flavors taste different from the popular pizza chains here in the country. And that’s something to chew on. A product of South Korea, Mr. Pizza brings its funtastic flavors to the Philippine shore. Next to open will be at Robinsons Place in Ermita, Manila. Guests were treated with their best-selling pizza flavors and other delicious snacks and meals during the opening. Mr. Pizza also brought in the popular Dream Team who showed their pizza-making skills in front of the customers. Best-seller […]

Chef Josh Boutwood brings crocodile meat to Krazy Garlik.

Chef Josh Boutwood brings crocodile meat to Krazy Garlik


 Crocodiles have entered . Yes, the famous restaurant, Krazy Garlik has added crocodile meat into their new menu. They have introduced four different types of crocodile cuisine which are Rappin’ Ribs, Rockin’ Sisig, Tempting Pasta and Krok Salpicao. It is a new experiment that can capture everyone’s taste buds. It is something original and experimental because people are not used to eat crocodile meat. April Almonte, Assistant Brand Manager, Bistro Group, said that “it is an ‘adventurous experience’ to taste crocodile meat with the blend of garlic.” In the Philippines, crocodile dishes are rare and new for some but it is […]