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Why photo enthusiasts drool at FUJIFILM X-PRO2, X70, and the X-E2s


 If there’s an¬†expression and feeling that I am having right now, it is to crave and drool at the latest FUJIFILM mirrorless cameras that were recently launched in the Philippines. Owning an X-PRO2 is like targeting a lotto jackpot. I’m never in my life would ever imagine if I will be able to afford and buy an X-PRO2 which is one of the flagship camera that FUJIFILM is introducing this year. Maybe I’ll just consider the X70 or X-E2s. FUJIFILM X-PRO2 But given the fact that X-PRO2 offers key features like a.) Newly developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor, b.) […]


5 Reasons why you should switch to Mirrorless cameras


 Anybody who owns and have been using DSLR knows how great the photos are taken using this type of digital camera. It even made the term¬†professional photographer sounds synonymous to DSLR. DSLR eventually became a status quo for budding photographers like the hobbyist, amateur, and the pros. DSLR founds its way in fashion, food, travel, and street photography. Bloggers covering events became consumers of DSLR cameras as they prefer using it most of the times over point-and-shoot digicams. The use of DSLR made bloggers more welcomed by even the seasoned photographers who have been using both film and digital. The […]

Sneak peek of the latest FujiF

Sneak peek at the latest FujiFilm X20 and X100s


 There are lots of things to say about the FujiFilm X Series cameras and it will take a bunch of pages to write its built, specifications, performance quality, etc. FujiFilm X Series was launched in September 2012 and this year, from FujiFilm Corporation, headed by Shigehiro Nakajima, President, they take pride in announcing the release of the latest FujiFilm X20 and X100s. The X factor development focused more on the design, operation hardware and software, and digital technology. Yes, it’s not on film anymore, it has revolutionized and it still gives us the photography quality that any FujiFilm users experienced […]