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Predator soars to High Grounds


 It was an evening of a new world, full of characters getting ready to world domination as the global gaming PC brand Predator continues to overpower the competition in the local gaming PC market as it soars to High Grounds Café, the country’s first and only fully branded gaming café. It wasn’t just a coincidence. High Grounds Cafe is operated by the country’s top gaming café brand (TNC), with visions to capture the attention of both gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is fully armed to the teeth with top-of-the-line and powerful Predator gaming PCs in a gaming environment that’s unlike […]

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?


 It’s back to work tomorrow and everyone’s coming back from their out-of-town trips. Some are going back with their usual routines and prepare for another year-round of daily activities. Yet there is one activity that even those who are on vacation or simply at home wasn’t able to keep their hands-off for the longest time. We are talking about the social media. We bet that even your snorkeling time, you did not forget to tweet and update or when you were on the bus or catching a plane ride, you can’t help yourself to take pictures of the ride on […]