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GLOBE GOING FASTER. With the need of speed in connectivity, Globe recently announced the 100% full 3G coverage nationwide. Globe Telecom's Chief Operating Advisor peter Bithos and Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu gear up for network transformations.

Globe Telecom rolls out 100% full 3G nationwide coverage and more advanced 4G infrastructure


 Globe Telecom is not constrain at all when it comes to network transformations. It’s all about infrastructure headwinds that this giant telecommunication has to overcome. And the telco is going as fast as it can in terms of Internet connection speed. And when consumers are starting to complain about the slow Internet speed of the country, compared to other Southeast Asian neighbors, we should also keep in mind that there are more than one factors that affect speed connections other than a network’s lack of coverage to deal with.“You can never satisfy 100% of the consumer and you can never build a […]