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Marian Rivera Shares Why Women Need Snow Crystal White Tomato


 Marian Rivera has indeed come in full circle. She is one of the showbiz personalities that the young generations should look up to. She finished with a college degree in Psychology from La Salle Dasmarinas even before she became an actress. She learned the value of life even before she became a household name and now that she’s a big name in Philippine TV and movie industry, she makes it a point to become someone who can touch other people’s lives. Marian Rivera-Dantes is a happy wife to Dingdong and mother to baby Zia. At the same time, Marian embraced […]

VIDA and Kohjin revealed what Filipinos need to know about the health benefits of Gluthatione


 Last August 17, leading food supplement brand, VlDA NutriSciences, joins Japan’s Kohjin Life Sciences in a press conference titled, “What Filipinos Need to Know about Glutathione” – in an effort to deliver new knowledge and eradicate prevailing rumors surrounding glutathione. The press conference was held at Hotel Jen along Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Misconceptions about Glutathione include rumors such that it causes gastrointestinal pain, skin allergies, and other negative effects-all of which alarm people, specifically those who are already using the substance, and are planning to try it. Kohjin Life Sciences members Mr. Yusuke Sauchi, Ms. Hitomi Ito, and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine […]


What makes glutathione special?


 More than just a beauty and skin whitening agent, glutathione is our body’s aid in combating free radicals that pollute and are harmful in so many ways which produce killer diseases in our lifetime. Glutathione is a substance naturally produced by our liver and is the ultimate anti-oxidant of our body. Higher levels of glutathione reduces liver’s workload and gives it a chance to repair by itself. Glutathione makes our kidney strong and its ultimate detoxifier. Lightening of the skin is just a side effect that results when taking regular glutathione supplement. Glutathione benefits: Anti-aging Used to treat Parkinson’s disease […]