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10 Netflix shows worth binge watching


 You watch a particular show right on your set and follow your favorite series until the end of the season, looking forward for the next chapter and hop on to the next one. The internet TV innovation makes our viewing experience more enjoyable on Smart TVs and with handful of devices that have innovated further offering better usability, faster performance, watching TV programs becomes more immersive, especially when you’re watching with a 4K HDR. The 4K High Dynamic Range gives ultimate picture quality with brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). When it […]


World’s first Curved 4K OLED TV by LG reinvents home entertainment


 LG Electronics continues to reinvent home entertainment by introducing the Organic Light Emitting Diode or simply OLED technology to its consumers. We’ve seen the latest and the world’s first Curved OLED TV that features a stunning 4K Ultra High-Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that allows deeper black and richer color contrast as you would compare it to the LED and LCD TVs that also offer slimmer and lighter in terms of design and  build. With the 4K HDR, users can enjoy 4x the full HD resolution revealing details of images on screen with impeccable clarity and this works best with the […]

TCL DSC00150.

TCL boasts new TV Display standards with LED and OLED


 Maintaining its promise of providing superior and more interactive home entertainment experiences, TCL Multimedia introduces new TV display technologies and overarching brand theme of ‘a visual feast of color.’ On their successful debut at CES 2015, TCL’ Wide Color Gamut and industry-leading Quantum Dot technologies feature on a host of exciting new line of product launches this year, including the new Quantum Dot TV H9700, the Curved 4K UHD TV H8800, and the 4K UHD E6800, which will present an impressive new standard in visual display for TV manufacturers. The new Quantum Dot display technology, provided by TCL, is able […]