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Switch to Quickdraw by Woodford Design and get rid of that old and frayed lightning connector for your iPod, iPhone, and iPad


 Looking for a better deal, I began using Quickdraw lightning cable by Woodford Design for my iPhone 5C and I am really satisfied of its performance. Normally, I would end up spending and using regular lightning cable and replaced it for another after the wire breaks or the coated fiber gets loose and cannot charge my iPhone 5C. That would cost me big spendings. I know. This is a problem most iPhone users are experiencing that made us think “Why does Apple don’t make lightning cables that will last for a long time?” Good thing I have friends who introduced […]

APPLE'S LATEST IPHONES. The latest iPhone 5C and 5S release attracts both high-end and low-end consumer.

The latest iPhone 5C and 5S release attract both high-end and low-end consumer


 Techies and Apple, particularly the iPhone hard-cores, stayed-up late last night as the world waited for the announcement of the new iPhone models at the Apple’s Cupertino campus. The announcement took place 10 AM Pacific  (12 PM Central, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM London, 1 AM Manila) today. Our updates were gathered from Tech Crunch. Events on Apple’s campus are traditionally much smaller than those held at Moscone (like WWDC) or the Yerba Buena Center (like a few iPhone announcements have been). The theater on Apple campus only fits around 200 people. Ron Conway came all the way from Disrupt […]