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One of the important items on a fresh graduate’s resume is internship


 Consider internship as your first base in the actual world of employment because employers nowadays give and consider it as one of the qualifications when hiring new applicants. Employers knew that internship experience will give applicants their best feel of their work when they are hired in the future for a regular job. So remember fresh graduates of 2015, when looking for your first job, internship will also give you the best experience and advantage when applying for a job. 3 items that employers want fresh graduates to emphasize on their resume and interview:  Internship Grades Extracurricular activities Top 5 universities in […]

TOP JOBS DEMAND TO LOOK OUT FOR. These are the Top 10 jobs according to JobStreet.

Top jobs demand for 2014 according to


 1. Customer Service                                                                                                                                       Php      19,447 2. IT (Computer & Hardware)                                           […]

MUST-KNOW WHEN APPLYING FOR YOUR FIRST JOB. Tips for fresh graduates to land their first good and high-paying job after college.

Tips for fresh graduates to land their first good and high-paying job after college


 Are you a fresh graduate hoping to land a good and high-paying job after college? Aside from the fact that companies still favor graduates of Top 4 universities, here are some tips that you may want to consider in applying for your first job. For Behavioral Skills, companies are on the look-out for fresh graduates who has the: 1. Willingness to Learn. Fresh graduates may not have that work experience but the passion to learn should be there. 2. Initiative. Fresh graduates must be willing to do more and going the extra mile to contribute to the company. 3. Honesty […]