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JUSTGOCLOUD GOES CRAZY THIS SEPTEMBER. JustGoCloud breaks barrier by reducing rates and mirrored clouds.

JustGoCloud breaks barrier by reducing rates and mirrored clouds


 The month of September has gone wild and crazy for JustGoCloud after they introduced their Crazy Promo! JustGoCloud goes Crazy as they introduced cost-effective and highly efficient cloud based telephony solution for customer contact needs. You’ve read it right here. and for starters, the company just started to replicate and mirrored its U.S. cloud based centers, making sure to provide you with a high-availability, redundant and fail-safe cloud based telephony infrastructure while maintaining security and privacy of your data and recordings. the JustGoCloud goes Crazy promo reduced their U.S. and Canada toll charges by 20 percent. This means a 20 % immediate and direct […]

DUBLIN BOUND. GoAutoDial makes it to Dublin's Web summit this October.

GoAutoDial makes it to Dublin’s Web Summit this October


 GoAutoDial makes it to Dublin‘s Web Summit this October with none other than Raffy Pekson II, Developer of Cloud Based Contact Center Platform, representing the Philippines in this ticket on technology conference where 350 speakers from he world’s leading founders, investors and CEOs to investors, designers and thinkers and 8,000+ of the world’s brightest minds in technology. “We are Dublin bound!” says GoAutoDial Inc. on their website as they are invited to join one of the biggest and prestigious tech summit in Europe – Web Summit, that is, on October 30-31, 2013. GoAutoDial is a tech company built for the large […]