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Kata i3s on-the-go performance review


 Kata i3s At first glance we already know that this latest flagship unit from Kata Digital is one device that everybody will love. Kata i3s delivers a good standing performance during our usage. Battery performance Powered with 2,250mAh removable battery, Kata i3s delivers at par performance with other brands and surprisingly, there has been no major heat issues or whatsoever that we have encountered. It only means that Kata has been listening to its consumers and continuously learning the process of giving satisfactory performance of their smartphones. On the scale of 1 to 5, we are giving the battery performance […]


Kata i3s specs and first impressions


 Looks like a premium phone. That’s our first impression as soon as we saw the latest flagship unit from Kata Digital. Kata i3s is the newest and soon to be released mid-range phone this mid-November. Kata i3s is the updated version of Kata i3. And so here are the rest of our initial impressions: 1. The phone device has a 5-inch Super HD display (1280 x 720) with metal sidings which makes it a lot like a premium handset device. Comes in Dark Grey, Violet, and Blue colors. 2. Volume and Power buttons are remarkably put separately on the other […]