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CONGRESSMAN FROM DAVAO CITY FILES PHILIPPINE GREEN JOBS ACT OF 2014. Cong. Nograles files bill to generate more 'green jobs' and employment opportunities in the country.

JUST IN! Congressman from Davao City files new bill to generate more ‘green jobs’ in the Philippines


 To help reduce the impact on climate change that trigger disasters, one lawmaker from Davao City makes a move to establish more environment-friendly industries and services to reduce the adverse effects of climate change in the country through a passing of a bill that will complement Climate Change Act. Congressman Karlo Nograles files Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2014 which is poised to create employment opportunities that will be less harmful to the environment by using green technology, or innovations that conserve natural resources. At least one sane bill from Congress is up for approval from the masses unlike the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill‘ or House Bill […]