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MALAYSIA AIRLINES INVESTIGATION SHIFTED ANEW. A spokesperson, right, from the Malaysia Airlines speaks to the media during a news conference at a hotel in Beijing Saturday, March 8, 2014. (Photo via web)

Malaysia Airlines opens criminal investigation on missing MH370 jetliner


 A big shift on Malaysia Airlines investigation develops anew as day¬†9 approaches¬†since MH370 mysteriously disappears early Saturday morning, March 8. The pilots and MH370 crew are now the center of investigation as Malaysia opened criminal investigation on the missing jetliner. Officials said that they are now in close investigation of the two pilots whose house were searched this Sunday. The two men did not request to fly together. The operation is now entering its new phase, according to Malaysia Airlines. 25 countries join search. US investigation veered into theories that someone from the cockpit or one of the crew made […]