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PHARMATON LIFE CHARGERS. Five personalities with a significant source of inspiration committed to a vision and desire for a quality of life for themselves and for others.

The men and women of Pharmaton Life Chargers unveiled


 Five notable personalities from different fields and industry met and gathered as one as the face of Pharmaton Life Chargers, the newest campaign that recognizes people who are inspired by their passion to create a positive change in the country and wishes to support them an promote their undertaking. Fashion icon and owner of Holy Carabao Farms Hindy Weber-Tantoco, founder of Manila Soccer Academy Maxie Abad, ¬†yoga teacher and advocate for special children Michelle Ressa Aventajado, Chef Rob Pengson, and sportscaster Anthony Suntay joined hands as Pharmaton Life Chargers and were officially introduced via a press launch earlier today, August […]