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Real Estate Agents and Brokers Online Marketing Must-Haves

Real estate agents and brokers online marketing must-haves


  I still see agents and brokers doing traditional marketing (giving flyers, billboards etc.) without even knowing that they are throwing a lot of money that can’t even have a measurable goal (leads and conversion) most specifically here in the Philippines. Nowadays a lot of people are in social media especially in Facebook. Did you know that Filipino’s interest in real estate grew 2.3 times in the last 4 years? So what does it means for you? If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Your competitors might be doing better because they are online and already targeting the right audience. […]

Simple facts that even the ordinary Juan can become a social media marketer.

Simple facts that even the ordinary Juan can become a social media marketer


 When you see people posting status and taking pictures of the food they’re eating; the clothes they’re wearing; the movie they’ve just watched; or the cool places they’ve been to; most likely, they simply wanted to share that precious moments with their friends and followers. Thanks to social media, people not affiliated with any company, brand or places they’ve posted, their photos and status become the most Liked and Favorited instantly. Through blogs and photos everybody becomes social media marketer endorser in one way or another. Companies on the other hand, should thank these people for taking time flaunting their […]