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MEGAWORLD #ILOVEMKH. A whole-day of fun and exciting McKinley Hill experience from Megaworld Fort.

Part 2: Diary of popular bloggers who spent the whole day for the Great McKinley Hill Lifestyle Experience #ILOVEMKH


 During our last entry, we shared with your our experience when we first arrived at Black Canyon Coffee during the meet-up of¬†Megaworld Fort Great McKinley Hill Lifestyle Experience for the Blogger Event. From there, as we started the WORK Station, we continued the experience of the township at Enderun Colleges. We were able to earn 1-Day Culinary Boot Camp certificate, thanks to Senior Chef Martin Punzalan. ¬† As we finished from our last article, we now jump to the continuation of our whole-day event which brought us outside Megaworld township properties and shortly toured the up and coming The Venice […]