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MCKINLEY HILL TOWNSHIP. The world's most romantic city, reinvented at McKinley Hill, the Venice Luxury Residences.

Part 1: Diary of popular bloggers who spent the whole day for the Great McKinley Hill Lifestyle Experience #ILOVEMKH


 And so we went early in the morning of September 6 rushing through the highways of EDSA because we don’t want to get late from a very special and important occasion. It’s just we’ve got invited by Megaworld Fort to experience a whole day lifestyle adventure set at the great McKinley Hill! Dig that, huh! Ted Claudio of WazzupPH was our ride from Quezon Ave. and we arrived in McKinley Hill just before the clock starts for the one adventurous day! Yours truly, The Juan Manila and 9 more bloggers, including WazzupPH were invited for this fun-filled Saturday for the […]