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Reviving Manila’s swagger one moment at a time with Gillette X Esquire X Felipe & Sons


 Shaving is an art. and how many times do we guys encounter difficulties with razors that cannot swipe clean every surface and every last bit of stubble on our face? Chances are there’s always a fraction left when we use shaving tools that does not allow smoother shaving experience that many of us, guys want. Two weekends ago, I took part on a men’s grooming invitation at Felipe & Sons, a very cool and classic kind of a barber shop reviving Manila‘s swagger in Makati for a couple of hours of pampering which includes haircut, shave, and massage. The best […]


Leaked! Angel Locsin cover for UNO Magazine’s 12th year special anniversary issue


 Here’s your first look at UNO Magazine‘s July 2015 front cover issue, with no other than Manila’s Sexiest Woman, Ms. Angel Locsin! One more thing. Do you know that this will be the first time that Angel Locsin will be appearing on the cover of UNO Magazine? As they say, there’s always a first time for everything! Can’t wait for this UNO July 2015 issue to hit the magazine stands. We are definitely sure that this will be sold-out the very first minutes it gets out. So, what are you waiting for? Line-up as soon as the Angel Locsin UNO […]

Meg Imperial blossoms.

‘Cutie’ Meg Imperial strips-off for the cover of a men’s magazine


 Have you ever felt like when you saw your next-door neighbor who was 10 to 15 years younger when you last saw her and when you came back after almost ages, you suddenly saw her cocooned into a fine young lady with curves and humps already busting out of her refined yet still young body? This is what happened when we saw and bought the latest issue of FHM where ‘Cutie’ Meg Imperial strips-off for the cover of a men’s magazine. The young girl we used to know way back the defunct Midnight DJ, a TV5 horror/comedy/suspense weekly adventure series, […]