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MALAYSIA AIRLINES MH370 FLIGHT PATH. Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra reported that Luigi Maraldi never boarded MH370 arising possibility of foul play.

(Update) Malaysia Airlines was ‘fearing for the worst’ after confirmation of four passengers who may have held false identity document


 Italian Luigi Maraldi, 37 was on the flight MH370 and was included on the passenger manifest No. 101 on board the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. At least his name is (or was). Following a thorough investigation, authorities¬†are investigating the possibility of foul play following a report that an Italian national listed on MH370’s flight manifest never boarded the plane. See full list of passenger manifest here. According to foreign news reports, passenger Maraldi was listed on the flight manifest released by Malaysia Airlines earlier, but Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra reported that he was not on the plane. Maraldi reportedly […]