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The zesty Chicken Crisp Fillet in garlic mayo proves to be a surefire way to kick-start anyone’s day.

Burger King introduces moreFILLETvorful Chicken Sandwich to Pinoys


 Just before the typhoon Maring (Trami) and the monsoon hit and submerged the whole of the Manila metropolis, Burger King launched two new moreFILLETvorful chicken sandwiches that would surely make every Filipino in the metro, especially the regular goers to the fast food chain, shout in extreme joy! Why? Because not only were these chicken sandwiches compact, delicious and moreFILLETvorful but they were also affordable to boot! A series of tedious process was done to achieve the perfect embodiment of that crispy fillet greatness. Made with 100% real chicken meat, these fillets are hand-pressed, breaded and deep-fried to perfection. Not […]