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YUMMY RECIPES FROM HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE. Watch the Hunt's Kitchen Superstar webisodes and surprise your moms!

Make Mother’s Day extra special for your moms. Unbelievable secret? Hunt’s Tomato and Spaghetti Sauce!


 Planning of surprising your moms this coming Mother’s Day (May 11)? You better be. Watch Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar webisodes to get yummy ideas that you can prepare for your moms. They got the toughest jobs in the world. Agree? (See:World’s Other Toughest Job applications #UpForWhatever). They do almost everything from cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, sending and picking up kids from school, preparing meals for dad before he goes to office, etc., and she don’t even get paid for all of these things she do for us. All that makes her happy is simply taking care of everyone in the family. But […]

McDonald's partners with Microsoft Philippines to celebrate Mother's Day the whole of May.

McDonald’s partners with Microsoft Philippines to celebrate Mother’s Day the whole of May


 McDonald’s partners with Microsoft Philippines to celebrate Mother’s Day the whole of May with a promotion that will aid kids to craft out their masterpieces for their moms through McDonald’s Paint and Celebrate. This is really something that family will be looking up into. Through Windows 8 Fresh Paint Apps, kids can join McDonald’s Paint and Celebrate activity during the celebration of Mother’s Day and at the same time showcase their talent in drawing. The idea behind Paint and Celebrate was brought by how technology has greatly affected our lives today. Kids are often on their mobile devices where everything is a […]