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BoomPods Wireless Headpods On-The-Go review (5/5)


 I have been using the BoomPods Wireless Headpods for sometime now and I will say that the sound and quality of the audio that passes through the headset is probably one of the perfect sound quality I have listened to. My choice for headsets is somehow meticulous. I have a Sennheiser HD205 and it has been a great audio companion. However good, the need for wireless audio was not present with my Sennheiser gear. So when I discovered BoomPods Wireless Headpods, it raised the bar for my love and passion for music much more. BoomPods Wireless Headpods just keeps on delivering well balanced audio. The […]

TEETH FRONTMAN GLENN JACINTO SINGS SOLO. Glenn Jacinto of Teeth - 'Laklak' and 'Prinsesa' fame, shoots and records single for his solo project. (Photoby John Darrel Valdez)

Glenn Jacinto, frontman of 90s rock band Teeth, comes back with solo single ‘Habang Buhay’


 Glenn Jacinto, frontman of 90‘s OPM rock band Teeth has  come back with his first solo single ‘Habang Buhay‘ and is now being played over the airwaves. ‘Habang Buhay’ is being played on Jam 88.3 and Rakista Radio (#1 song in its countdown for the week of Sept 7-13). Glenn and his former Teeth bandmates came back for a reunion concert series a few months ago after settling his way in the States for 14 years. Teeth is the band behind ‘Laklak,’ ‘Shooting Star,’ and the equally popular ‘Prinsesa.’ Kids nowadays would have heard ‘Prinsesa’ from Daniel Padilla. Nice version, though. Last August, Glenn […]