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YAMAHA GOES FULLY AUTOMATIC AT CAMPAIGN. Photo shows YMPH President Toru Osugi, Sales & Marketing Director Kaoro Ogura, and Marketing Senior Manager Ryan Jude Camus.

Yamaha goes fully automatic with the all-new Mio AT Models


 Yamaha goes fully automatic as they introduced the all-new Mio AT Models last October 17 at the newest mall in Quezon City, the Fisher Mall. The latest AT Models of Mio are Mio Sporty, Mio, MX i, Mio Soul i, and Mio Fino i. ┬áIt was the Mio Soul i that caught our attention. It has the Batman-feel and look with its matte-like finishing all black assembly that it looked like it came out straight from Gotham. It was the launch of the AT Models and the chance also to meet and greet Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. President Toru Osugi […]