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Rags2Riches founder Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, as she states her two secrets in keeping the sustained energy that fuels up her passion and make a difference at the same time. (Third person from the right side.)

Nationwide search is on for Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge 2015


   Three real life changers spilled their secrets in keeping the energy sustained to achieve their goal, as Pharmaton kicks off their latest endeavor, Pharmaton Life Changer’s Challenge Sincerity and commitment are the two secret ingredients shared by Chef Rob Pengson, a culinary educator.“I believe it starts with sincerity, if you wanna make an impact on other people’s lives, you just really have to be sincere. Number 2 is commitment,” he expressed. Sports advocate Peter “Futkalero Pedro” Amores said that being faithful on what he’s doing is the secret in sustaining the energy. He stated, “Believe in what you’re doing […]