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#ProTECH101 (Part 3)! Think Before You Click


 As the online saying goes, ‘Think Before You Click‘ when you share vital information on the world wide web. On the first and second part of #ProTECH101 (Part 1 and 2), we shared with you the risks of disseminating personal information to the public, how to strengthen your passcodes, and secure accounts by disabling the autofill feature decreasing the risks of hacking and online fraud. This time, #ProTECH Part 3 focuses on online sharing discrepancies, what information we should avoid and what is safe for public sharing. Information such as birthdates, education and current location are things we should avoid sharing […]


#ProTECH101 (Part 1)! Is your password safe enough to protect you from online fraud and identity theft?


 In response to current issues of online fraud and identity theft, Globe Telecom recently launched its online security campaign to serve as an information drive reminding netizens to keep vigilant in sharing personal information online. Globe encourages everyone to be vigilant at all times, especially when sharing information in public profiles such as birthdays, mobile numbers, pet names, etc., because someone, somebody out there is lurking to get a piece of information about you to hack your accounts, steal your identity, transfer bank deposits without your knowledge, and many more. Globe’s #ProTech101 campaign aims to further promote online security and online crime prevention […]

Video on Instagram is now ready.

Video on Instagram is now ready for posting


 This has been brewing for the past week and today, the social mobile photo application Instagram announced its newest video addition, Video on Instagram is now ready for posting. As the announcement puts it this way, “something was missing for the past two and a half years,” and this is it. Fifteen seconds of stories come to life with thirteen filters to adjust the vibrancy of the videos from your mobile devices. We are excited to try this one (as of this writing, we haven’t received yet our updates). Earlier this year, another video application suddenly went high on the […]