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Busgsy’s Traditional American Burger and Brew Kettle

Forbes Town Center celebrates International Burger Day with ten hottest burger and beer pairings


 International Burger Day is celebrated every May 28 and Forbes Town Center celebrated their love of burgers and splurged of their favorite food at its Burger and Beer Feast. Forbes Town Center boasted ten of the best burgers in town, together with its awesome beer pairs–makes a really good combination. Here’s the quick list of the ten best burger and beer pairings offered in the coolest dining places in FTC 1. Bacon Cheese Burger and Mr. Wolf Brown Ale (Big Bad Wolf) PhP 700 – a certified best-seller, this burger reinforces the belief that good things come in small packages. This […]

Asia Brewery Inc. brings Japan's no.1 Asahi Super Dry Beer into the Philippines.

Asia Brewery Inc. brings Japan’s no.1 Asahi Super Dry Beer into the Philippines


 On a Friday night out with the barkada, it’s automatic that you’ll spend the night beer drinking with your favorite brand and savor the night as it slowly passes by beyond neon lights, electronic hip sounds, and chill time with friends. Until the night cap, another round of beer before going home is also mandatory, whether you like it or not. And then you tap the bottle (or can) and say kampai for the nth times, with light feelings and surprisingly became so romantic-like Romeo at the end of the night. It’s the beer. And it’s not just an ordinary […]