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UNTV37 BOYCOTTS SOFITEL. UNTV has launched a campaign that challenges its supporters to take part in.

UNTV37’s #NoToSofitelDay and #BoycottSofitelPHDay hashtags climbed up on Twitter’s Philippines and Worldwide Trends


 On it’s first week, our timeline got bombarded with #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH tweets and hashtags and got our curious mind to ask around and┬áresearched the web on what could have transpired why cable channel UNTV37 is ‘firing’ at Hotel Sofitel Manila. Later on we’ve found out that it stemmed from┬áthe report received by UNTV37 Chief Executive Office, Kuya Daniel Razon, that Hotel Sofitel Manila dropped the station from its channel listings. This, for no apparent reason, according to the spurned cable channel. This prompted Razon to call on UNTV37 supporters to launch a boycott against the hotel for clear discrimination […]