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One Juice variants

One Lightning Corporation introduces a refreshing drink that will help you lose weight


 The scorching heat of summer surely makes us crave for something refreshing. One Lightning Corporation doesn’t only made a drink that will keep us cool, but also has the benefits like energy boosting, anti-aging, whitening and losing excess weight. Do you want to have a sexy lifestyle without undergoing through a surgery? Well, One Juice will give you the benefit, depending on what you need. It has three kinds of refreshments that will not just only offer you a cool respite from this oppressing summer but will also give you healthy alternative to sodas and other unhealthy drinks. One Juice […]

Shizen Charcoal Soap

All-in-one beauty regimen comes to life through One Lightning Corporation


 Almost everybody has been looking for a beauty product that contains all the ability of anti-ageing, moisturizing and skin protecting. Good thing, One Lightning Corporation has combined all of these features into a product that have been proven effective and safe. Formulated as a skin detoxifier, Shizen Charcoal Soap helps to clarify and lighten skin. This soap doesn’t only good as anti-aging but also an effective treatment for acne and other skin problem. You can notice much younger and suppler skin with regular use. When you apply it in your skin, you can notice the black substance, the activated charcoal, […]

Lemeilluer Micro Diamond Scrub

Have a youthful and glowing skin with Micro Diamond Scrub


 Summer was over, meaning, it’s back-to-school again. Expect worst traffic everywhere on your way to school and being stuck in the crowd. To these situations, you are about to expose your skin to harmful elements as you go to your daily school routine. To the demand of the people to keep their skin always clean, radiant, fair and smooth to touch, LE MEILLEUR Micro Diamond Scrub is here to be your surefire weapon. With its Cirabelle ingredient, spherical, wax-based mechanical exfoliator, it will effectively purify your skin. The Cirabelle beads is known to be safe, so don’t you worry considering […]