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A-Z most memorable moments from YouTube.

YouTube celebrates 10th year bringing back most memorable moments on their site


 As YouTube, popular free video-sharing website, turns 10 this month, be ready to see ultimate throwback of the most unforgettable videos on the the platform–trends, new stats and must-see videos from the last decade, on the YouTube trends blog. For the past 10 years, the site has been the very famous in terms of online video needs. Now, Youtube will continue the celebration through things that will make the netizens happy. Here are those: A to Z Yoodle  – A 10th birthday takeover of the YouTube logo on the YouTube homepage. What’s a Yoodle? It’s a fun themed doodle that […]

Oppa Gangnam Style Certified Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

Oppa Gangnam Style certified Most Viewed Videos on YouTube


 The popular and trending music video from South Korea, “Gangnam Style” has become a viral hit and already reached 123,873,098 views to date. Making Oppa Gangnam Style certified Most Viewed Videos on YouTube Park Jae-Sang or Psy is a South Korean rapper who idolize Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, is enjoying the limelight as his “Gangnam Style” music video is fast becoming the most viewed K-Pop video on YouTube history. Since it debuted last July, it gained massive response and has reached over 100 million views within just 2 months. The song is included in PSY’s Best 6th […]