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Here are some tips to give your Dad the best Daddy's Day-Out this Father's Day.

Here are some tips to give your Dad the best Daddy’s Day-Out this Father’s Day


 Already have plans on how to spend Father’s Day with your Dads? Here are some tips to give your Dad the best Daddy’s Day-Out this Father’s Day! Working almost 6 days a week and dedicating almost the entire week providing for the family needs, do need rewards. Take him out for a facial treatment even if he hasn’t been to one. Surprise him with a Hydra-Oxygen Facial treatment so that his good-looking face will glow once more, making him more confident and handsome. A visit to DERMCARE will do the trick. Just make sure to call ahead and reserve a […]

Amaia "Kaya ko na" dream homes.

Amaia is the economic residential arm of Ayala Land


 Ayala Land Inc. sees beyond the obvious and don’t just build homes but continues to develop their products, seeing improved quality of life by introducing affordable living, even way beyond the ordinary Juan‘s budget. Through Ayala Land‘s different brands like ALVEO and Avida, the company continues to extend its quality development to many people who want an Ayala Land development for their homes. “Now, not just to people who can afford but actually to a wider based of Filipino homeowners, thus the inception of Amaia,” said Sixto Sengson, Marketing Senior Associate at Amaia Land Corp. during a press visit at Amaia Steps Sucat in Parañaque. […]

The term "Moriones" was concocted by the media in the 60s, but local inhabitants have kept the original term, "Moryonan". Many practitioners are farmers and fishermen who engage in this age-old tradition as a vow of penance or thanksgiving. Legend has it that Longinus pierced the side of the crucified Christ. The blood that spurted forth touched his blind eye and fully restored his sight. This miracle converted Longinus to Christianity and earned the ire of his fellow centurions. The re-enactment reaches its climax when Longinus is caught and beheaded..

Celebrating March 2013 Philippine Festivals


 March is not just about the Fire Awareness month. It’s also a prelude to summer time and vacation. And with the summer heat just around the corner, it’s also the best time to celebrate different festivals during the days of March. National Women’s Month Celebration Fire Prevention Month Summer Music Festival in Pasig – March 1- 31 (Pasig City, Metro Manila) Participants vary from singers, pianists & violinists, bandleaders and music teachers whose common goal is to keep classical music and “kundimans” alive. On this event, artists, and music lovers gather at the Pasig City Museum to listen and appreciate the music […]