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CANON PUSHES THE ENVELOPE ON IMAGE QUALITY, ZOOM, AND FUN WITH THREE NEW COMPACT CAMERAS. Canon today expanded their suite of compact cameras with the addition of three new models to the PowerShot series – PowerShot G7X, PowerShot SX60 HS, and PowerShot N2..

First look at Canon PowerShot series – PowerShot SX60 HS, PowerShot G7X, and PowerShot N2!


 Maybe, just maybe, when you’re traveling light or doing a street photography projects, you were kinda hesitant in exposing your handy dslr cameras. Right? Of course, that’s when subjects, especially people, tend to shy away when they see us aiming our big cameras at them. Aside from this scenario, bringing big cameras, even though we have our special bags for it, is kinda tedious and heavy in our shoulders, or in our backpacks. Thanks to Canon, they have produced PowerShot compact cameras, great enough to capture moments and are designed to deliver better image quality and performance. Thus, the production of […]