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FAMILY MEMBERS ARE STILL CLUELESS. Relatives of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 passengers wants proof as Prime Minister Najib Razak accepts evidence that the Boeing 777 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean.

HOPE AGAINST HOPE, we are praying and continuing our search for survivors – Malaysia Acting Minister Transportation Hishammuddin Hussein


 BREAKING! Malaysia Acting Minister Transport thanked the Australian authorities for all the help they are giving for the search mission. The official also acknowledge the 26 countries who gave assistance in searching for the missing plane. The news briefing cam about a day after Australian Maritime Authority reported a new shift in search area that might lead to possible exact location where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370‘s last tracked position. 13:42 “It is hard challenge for me as Minister to be the one delivering the news to the passengers’ families but we will do whatever it takes,” Malaysia Acting Minister Transport. […]