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NCIS Special Agent is now trial consultant in BULL


 Inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw, co-founder of top trial consulting firm Courtroom Science, Inc. (CSI), the new TV series BULL features the courtroom drama and what goes around behind it – based on a trial consulting firm’s POV. It takes a lot of bull (pun intended) to master the art of trial analytics and Dr. Jason Bull will do everything to get the justice, guilty or not, his clients deserve. His firm TAC packs a team of analytical thinkers helping the whole group to win a certain case.  Lawyer Annalise Keating should send her A1 five-member student-team to this firm […]


Spoiler Warning: Finally, Claire Underwood submits to the fourth wall


 After finishing 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 4, it was a terrifying moment on TV to see Claire Underwood, the First Lady of the United States to President Frank Underwood staring right in front of the camera as if she has broken the fourth wall. And if she did, that’s one hell of another season coming for this political-drama from Netflix. But before we go on and if you’re a fan (or not), we remind you that this post contains spoilers you wouldn’t want to know. Unless you’ve seen the full Season 4 when it was aired on […]


Halle Berry returns on EXTANT Season 2


 I would always wanted to remember seeing Halle Berry in movies rather on TV and that is why when I first heard of EXTANT‘s first season and she’s starring on a lead role, I kinda felt skeptical about that. I then wonder if there will be a TV series that will make Halle such a fine role perfect for the little screen. Every time I kept hearing of EXTANT, a futuristic thriller  about a female astronaut Molly Woods, I was curious but not enough for me to have courage to see its episodes. Fast forward to Season 2. I was invited to see the […]

RTL CBS Entertainment brings a carnival-style summer fair in Manila.

RTL CBS Entertainment holds Summer Fun Fair in Manila


   RTL CBS Entertainment participated in the celebration of the colorful week-long summer activity at Bonifacio Global City bringing a two-day carnival-style public summer fair, May 29-30, at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center Making it a great summer-ender for everyone, the fair was filled with snacks best for the season plus several carnival activities and raffle prizes for some of the invited guests. It was also prepped with photo booth and studio booth inspired with the programs they air where the public can showcase their talents. Rolled out in Asia in 2013, RTL CBS Entertainment is a family channel that […]