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PETRA MAHALIMUYAK DANCES YOUR PAIN AWAY. Petra Mahalimuyak dances your pain away Para #LagingGoodVibes the Dolfenal way!

WATCH VIDEO! How to dance your pain away by Petra Mahalimuyak the Dolfenal #LagingGoodVibes way!


 Once in a while, we all get to experience and suffer from a bad day. It’s not just from the very cliche ‘bad hair day’ that attacks one’s fine day. All it takes is pain caused by migraine, toothache, and especially for women – dysmenorrhea. Oh! How awful can it get? Now let Ashley Rivera a.k.a. Petra Mahlimuyak tickle your pain away and shows you how to dance while in pain – the Dolfenal #LagingGoodVibes way! Enjoy! Dolfenal 250 mg tablet is available for only Php 12/capsule through leading drugstores nationwide. You can also ask your doctor about it. Uminom ng Dolfenal para #LagingGoodVibes. Watch blogger […]