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LG Leon packs light and convenient functionalities for great value deals


 LG‘s latest entrant for the budget-friendly and affordable-thinking consumers easily slips a light and convenient functionalities with LG Leon, the basic phone made for people who are not much hyped with all the super packed mid-ranged or premium phones available in the market today. LG Leon may not be the all-packaged smartphone you’ll ever wanted BUT it is built with light and convenient functionalities you’ll ever need for your daily use. For one, LG Leon has 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, that some of the mid-range and premium phones already have. LG’s special feature KNOCK code is also incorporated with LG Leon […]


Zenfone 2 unboxing, review, and first impressions


 You are waiting for this, we know. And that is why, we are not taking this any longer for you to see what you’ll be getting at once you purchase your own Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone. Here is our Zenfone 2 unboxing and first impressions review. Initially announced and released last May 16 by none other than Asus CEO Jerry Shen at the World Trade Center during the Experience 2Morrow Asus Philippines Zenfone 2 Launch, we got the first glimpse of what the Zenfone 2 series is capable of. Aside form it being the first smartphone with 4GB of RAM, it also […]