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“Stressed na ako, Tita.,” she (Sarah) told me, Annabelle said. By going far away, Annabelle added, Sarah feels she won’t get negative messages in her cellphone and other kinds of unsavory feedback.

Is Sarah Lahbati pregnant?


 “At in case ganoon na nga, dalaga naman si Sarah, binata si Richard. Walang problema,” Annabelle Rama, Richard Gutierrez’s mother on her son’s girlfriend rumored pregnancy amidst the former StarStruck, a Philippine overall talent show broadcast on GMA Network, 5th season finalist, controversy with GMA-7. Rama’s statement was quoted from a phone interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG! that came out online 22 hours ago. So is Sarah Lahbati pregnant? Sarah is facing charges from GMA-7, her mother studio on the alleged “violation of her contract,” after a series of complaints from the young actress’ working behavior that costs one taping […]