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adidas’ Black History Month Collection by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes on sale on May 15 at the NBA Store and TriNoma


 adidas and Kareem Abdul-Jabar announced a limited edition Black History Month Collection inspired by the all-time leading scorer and one of the most prominent philanthropists and ambassadors from NBA, Abdul-Jabbar. Each basketball shoe model and specialty packaging features new-to-the-eye sepia tones, inspirational quotes and more details that gives the consumers a vivid journey through four of the most important eras of his historical and record-breaking career. “I was very fortunate to have African-American role models and pioneers I could identify with and learn from as I forged my career in basketball and my personal journey in life,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “Every […]

Dr. Kong offers free Foot Assessment for you and your kids.

Dr. Kong offers free Foot Assessment for you and your kids


 Severe foot condition prevention starts at young age with help from Dr. Kong. At the age of 4-13 years old, our foot bone development hasn’t been completed and we might get these following conditions: Flatfoot – The inner foot collapses upon standing and is usually accompanied with rear-foot valgus (outward tilt of heel). Intoeing – Both feet point inward when walking. Knock knee – When both legs straighten side by side, the knees overlap. Hallux valgus – Inward deviation of big toe. The common foot condition with children is having flatfoot and this is where we will focus our topic. […]