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Strategic Partnerships To Elevate Video And Social Media Content And Analytics Of Digital Advertising Emerged From Globally Renowned Companies


 Strategic alliances arise when needs to strengthen core of a company become more evident, especially now in a digitally driven and social media-based market analysts in the world of advertising. AdSpark, a digital marketing solutions firm of Globe Telecom, opens its door to a strategic partnerships with Wootag and Tracx, two of globally renowned digital companies, to help change the landscape of digital advertising in the Philippines. This Thurday afternoon, June 22, AdSpark, Wootag, Tracx, and Globe Telecom officially signed the memorandum of agreement (MOA) held at the AdSpark Philippine headquarter in BGC, Taguig. “We have a vision for a […]


Globe PRISM Expo, empowering Filipino with world-class learning through technology


 Back in February 2017, we got our first dibs on Globe Telecom’s PRISM, an interactive showcase of digital projects to help Filipino educators from private high schools, particularly those teaching the new Media and Information Literacy (MIL) subject in Senior High School, as well as English and Social Studies at both K-12 and higher education levels, to become proficient in technology-enabled instruction and content development. The program is a three-week professional development program conducted by Globe Telecom.  It involves a two-day immersive boot-camp, blended project-based learning, and personalized coaching for a total of 1,000 educators all over the country. Last June 2, […]


Globe launches PRISM, a digital literacy program and education solutions


 PRISM is an interactive showcase of digital projects powered by Globe Telecom to help Filipino educators from private high schools, particularly those teaching the new Media and Information Literacy (MIL) subject in Senior High School, to become proficient in technology-enabled instruction and content development. 1,ooo private schoolteachers from all over the country participated in a three-week digital literacy program, which includes a two-day immersive boot camp, blended project-based learning, and personal coaching. There will one boot camp each in Metro Manila, Naga City, Pampanga, Cebu City,a nd Cagayan de Oro City, running from January to June this year. “The Filipino education […]


Gringo Honasan Transcribed (Part 2): “I looked at him (Marcos) like a god”


 As promised, here is the second part of our conversation with Senator Gringo Honasan. In continuation of his platforms and agenda, he speaks of tax-exemptions, government funding, his first order of business if elected as vice president, and how he looked at Marcos during his time as a soldier, pre-EDSA People Power days. Tax-exempt for below PHP 30,000 earners “Nasa platform namin yan. Any income below P30,000 tax-free. The only sure things in life are death and taxes. Hirap na hirap na nga pahihirapan mo pa? It’s unfair. Tax na natin yung top 1,000 corporations na walang ginawa kung hindi […]

Shopee Terence Pang Agatha Soh Macy Castillo Digital App Mobile Technology

Shopee – Smart and Secure Mobile Marketplace


 For budding Entrepreneurs! The latest, Smart and Secure Social Mobile Marketplace – “SHOPEE” has officially launched in the Philippines! Boasts a wide range of products and is equipped with a Secure Payment Service and innovative socially-driven features to create a more secure, fun, fast, easy shopping and selling experience, Currently, it has millions of users across the region. “Today, a large part of online purchases in Southeast Asia takes place on mobile. With Shopee’s availability here in the Philippines, Filipinos can now fully experience a free, highly intuitive social mobile interface, where anyone can buy and sell in less than 30 […]


Ensure your family’s health and safety with the proper way of cleaning your toilets and win two (2) months worth of Domex gift packs


 Domex leads disease prevention with a hospital toilet clean up on World Toilet Day to help ensure that patients who may have suffered from waterborne diseases won’t suffer any more in the hospitals. In commemoration of World Toilet Day, we are encouraging you to do your part and take a pledge to save lives by supporting 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement and World Toilet Day, and pledge to properly clean your toilets, to protect your family from disease caused by unsanitary toilets. By joining this promo and using the hashtags #WorldToiletDay2015 and #1MCleanToilets, you are helping in spreading the awareness of disease prevention at home by […]


GrabTaxi launches in Iloilo City


 Despite the timely Php 10 rollback on the flag down meter rate issuing a lot of protests from taxi drivers and operators nationwide, GrabTaxi, the revolutionary platform mobile application for fast, reliable, and safe taxi ride has successfully mounted a significant impression in Iloilo City, the City of Love, with the launching held last March 11, 2015. Iloilo City is the 4th key city where GrabTaxi is now available for free downloading and access. GrabTaxi’s Acting General Manager Natasha Bautista came to the City of Love to host and represent GrabTaxi launch attended by media and bloggers from the province as well […]


Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. square off for the biggest Pay-Per-View fight on May 2


 No trash talking. Watching the livestream via Rappler earlier this morning, we saw how the Mayweather vs Pacquiao Pay-Per-View May 2 Press Conference happened to be. Relax. Calm. Both opponents, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., their teams, handlers, representatives, rival channels, and Bob Arum, spoke of how grateful everyone for making the Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match to finally happen. “Thank you, Bob, and I would like to thank God for giving us, providing us a wonderful day, a beautiful day and giving us strength. And I want to give thanks to Showtime and HBO for helping to make this fight […]


44 model finalists vie for the win at the Fashion Evolution runway model search


 44 finalists, 22 male and 22 female models, all vie for the win at the upcoming runway model search entitled Fashion Evolution which will be held at Century City Mall on March 28, 2015. Out of the 44 candidates, only two (1 male, 1 female) will emerge as winners at the fashion show cum runway model a group of Last January, 100 hopefuls filled a go-see venue set up by an organization creatively called Metro Blogger, and only 44 were chosen to fill up the slots. Metro Blogger, with founder Jess C, aims to to serve as an avenue for disseminating information on […]


Globe myBusiness offers new Postpaid Plans for SMEs


 Starting a new business takes a  lot of effort and requirements to fill in. Aside from coming up with a great name, business should now have an online presence, a website for everyone to know that the business exists. There are step-by-step and guidelines on how to open and register a business to follow. RJ Ledesma, co-founder, Mercato Centrale, believes that great business ideas were created when something wrong or problems arise. Lots’A Pizza president Teresita Ngan Tan also agreed to that. See related Lots’A Pizza article here. Ledesma and Tan were both part of Globe #MyBusinessPOSTPAID launch which was held earlier today […]

Tatt Awards 2013.

5 tips to be a responsible blogger


 Every now and then, we kept hearing stories of issues of bloggers who uses the social media irresponsibly and who couldn’t care less if what they are doing are unethical (e.g. gate-crashing into events, deliberately representing themselves as part of another media entity, by-passing PR outfit to get straight to the client, etc.) . Some are blown up into controversies and spawned discrimination among the local blogosphere. While it is true that some bloggers need lessons on Blogging 101, the rest are more responsible to keep up the respect among colleagues, traditional media practitioners, clients, and their followers. Here are 5 tips to be a responsible […]

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?

Are you having the symptoms and signs of a social media addicts?


 It’s back to work tomorrow and everyone’s coming back from their out-of-town trips. Some are going back with their usual routines and prepare for another year-round of daily activities. Yet there is one activity that even those who are on vacation or simply at home wasn’t able to keep their hands-off for the longest time. We are talking about the social media. We bet that even your snorkeling time, you did not forget to tweet and update or when you were on the bus or catching a plane ride, you can’t help yourself to take pictures of the ride on […]

Simple facts that even the ordinary Juan can become a social media marketer.

Simple facts that even the ordinary Juan can become a social media marketer


 When you see people posting status and taking pictures of the food they’re eating; the clothes they’re wearing; the movie they’ve just watched; or the cool places they’ve been to; most likely, they simply wanted to share that precious moments with their friends and followers. Thanks to social media, people not affiliated with any company, brand or places they’ve posted, their photos and status become the most Liked and Favorited instantly. Through blogs and photos everybody becomes social media marketer endorser in one way or another. Companies on the other hand, should thank these people for taking time flaunting their […]

SoBeerUp Manila pooled together social media influencers in one memorable gathering. Image by First Time Travels.

SoBeerUp Manila pooled together social media influencers in one memorable gathering


 First, we want to clarify that we are not a ‘mogul‘ when it comes to social media marketing, we are just small fraction of growing numbers of bloggers in the blogosphere. We can’t claim either a big following on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, based on our recent survey, and care of Twitter Audit, our Twitter followers are 950 real and 1,110 fakes. That’s about 46% audit score. On Facebook, we only have 102 Friends. Well, there’s a story why we only have that number. We’ll just talk about that in succeeding articles. Thanks to Klout, or should we say, […]

Nescafé gives back the love to their 2 million fans

Nescafé gives back the love to their 2 million fans


 It is just so fitting that the coffee brand we all grew up and loved, Nescafé gives back the love to their 2 million fans as they reciprocate through a special occasion to share millions of memories together with a celebration full of fun, surprises, interactive photo and video booths, games, variety shows and pocket concert. Dubbed as Fans Day held last November 17, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, this event was initiated by Nescafé to reward all those 2 million fans who LIKED them on Facebook. It is indeed a milestone as Nescafé sets the record […]