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PAL PR 2773 REFUELS IN MACTAN. Flight PR 2773 needed to be refuel at the nearest airport after 20 minutes of circling above Tagbilaran.

PAL PR 2773 refuels in Mactan Airport after it diverted from Tagbilaran because of the Special Ops by Presidential parties


 PAL’s two-hour delay today, May 2, was brought about by the Special Operations by the approaching Presidential parties in Tagbilaran airport. Apparently, President Noynoy Aquino and his party are in Tagbilaran airport. Upon approaching Tagbilaran, the control tower indefinitely holds Flight PR 2773 from landing into the airport at around 12:24 PM. Doing turn-arounds for more than 20 minutes, the captain on board delivered the message to the plane passengers that it will have to make a diversion landing at 12:51 PM on Mactan Airport, the nearest airport for refueling. The captain told us that Tagbilaran airport will be available […]