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“Anton projects absolute confidence in being Filipino in being as good as anybody else around the world. All of us Filipinos should take this as an inspiration to love ourselves, to be confident, to be as original as what other globally-acclaimed Filipinos and Filipino brands have achieved; to believe in ourselves and to do our best to be world-class in fields like music, the arts, sports, and fashion,” said the management.

Azkals’ Anton del Rosario signs up as the new image endorser for McJim Classic Leather


 Azkals pioneer member Anton del Rosario is the new image endorser of McJim Classic Leather. You’re probably wondering and asking “who’s that guy showing his abs on that new poster of McJim Classic Leather?” And after another look you’ll say “Oh! That’s Anton del Rosario from Azkals!” Good guess on that. But then again you might ask yourself “why Anton?” McJim has been around for a long time and they even pioneered putting up advertisements in local cinemas. In the 90s McJim Classic Leather brought in with them versatile award-winning actor Edu Manzano as their spokesman. The looks and elegance with […]