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Hale performs in the first-ever Spotify Sessions in the Philippines.

Spotify celebrates 1st year anniversary with the biggest comeback of 2015


 Spotify, the most popular music streaming application, celebrates its first birthday in the Philippines on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. In the event, they have spilled that Philippines emerged as its second fastest-growing market globally and its biggest market in Asia-Pasific. The music streaming service has already reached 2.5 billion music streams from Pinoy music lovers in just a year from launch–highest streams accumulated from any Asian Market in just one year since launch. Sunita Kaur, Spotify Asia’s Managing Director, expressed how they are ‘thrilled by the warm welcome’ from the Filipino music fans. She also mentioned, “We want to celebrate a […]

PROJECT WONDERFUL YIELDS REMARKABLE RESULTS. Globe Telecom collaborates with the world’s biggest music platform Spotify.

Globe Telecom collaborates with the world’s biggest music platform Spotify


 As Globe Telecom’s Project Wonderful yields remarkable 9% growth in 2014, opening strong for the first quarter in service revenues and core net income, it continues to sustain growth on the back of programs that bring to life its commitment to its customers, businesses, employees and the nation. With Project Wonderful’s three (3) main pillars: Nation Building, Culture-building, and Brand-building, the leading telecommunications company is embarking to help its stakeholders create a wonderful world, driving strong revenue performance with solid contributions across all business segments. Sustaining momentum for the second quarter of the year, new and relevant offers are bringing to […]

GLOBE TAKES ACTION AGAINST TEXT SPAMMING. As Globe telecom's project Wonderful yields remarkable growth in 2014, the telco also takes action on rising complaints against text spamming.

Globe Telecom takes action against text spammers, slams Caritas Shield


 Ernest Cu, CEO and President of Globe Telecom addresses the issue and announces that Globe takes action against text spammers. This issue was brought up during the #GoSURFSpotify event held at The Globe Tower, recently. “It hurts our brand because you think we sell those numbers. And I’m telling you, we don’t. And they don’t need to. All they need to know is 917, that’s it. And they start spamming from 001 all the way up to 1,000,000, sequentially. They don’t care if they throw away the rest of us the spam because it’s unlimited anyway. And we’ll take action […]

WANDERLAND MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL. Get FREE Wanderland ticket plus a chance to WIN a SAMSUNG GALAXY S5.

Create your Spotify #WonderfulAllStars playlist and get a FREE Wanderland ticket plus a chance to WIN a SAMSUNG GALAXY S5!


 Wanderland Music Fest is drawing near and if you haven’t heard of the music festival yet, you’re missing a lot, we are telling you that! Wanderland Music & Art Festival is happening on May 17th at Globe Circuit Ground in Makati. Haven’t been there? That’s where  the old Sta. Ana Racing Track along JP. Rizal. It is such a perfect venue with a 2,000-square-meter canopy area. Aside from the Globe Circuit Events Ground, the other entertainment venues are the Circuit Theatre, a 1,500-seater performing arts venue that will showcase the Filipino’s world-class talent and feature “Broadway-type” of entertainment, and the Circuit Lane which will feature an interactive walk with a multi-purpose […]