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Heartthrob actor Cory Monteith, popularly known as Finn Hudson of Fox's hit series Glee, was found dead inside his room at The Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, Saturday afternoon, July 13, in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo via

Celebrities who died of substance drug-related overdoses


 The list goes on and on, and today, we were saddened by the shocking news that heartthrob actor Cory Monteith, popularly known as Finn Hudson of Fox‘s hit series Glee, was found dead inside his room at The Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, Saturday afternoon, July 13, in Vancouver, Canada. Foul play was ruled out over the young actor’s death. Medical examiners will conduct an autopsy on Monday, July 15. He was 31. It’s hard to wonder why prominent and famous celebs are the ones who were easily prone to take their lives just like that. Perhaps, it’s the limelight that was too much too handle for them and the only way to escape is […]